Joaozinho Martins

Joaozinho da S .F. A. Martins, a native of Orlim, Salcete, Goa, India has no theological laurels to his credit. His maiden research into the subject of Biblical  Creation has been mainly stimulated by an Article captioned: “Creation and Evolution” that appeared in the March-April 2009 issue of  Christian Odyssey, a bi-monthly denominational magazine published by                          Grace Communion International, USA. [www.gci.org]

Biblical Creation Truth, as such, is the maiden product of his tentative research.

Biblical Creation Truth highlights or focuses on the Three Phases or Epochs of Creation based on the creation accounts in the Bible. This has been, all along, remained unaddressed by the Creationists or Theologians concerned”, states the Author. Moreover, the controversial Gap Theory is convincingly replaced with “Biblical-Gap-Theology” — a novel theological term coined by the Author to account for “pre-historical, pre-Adamic life on earth” as is revealed in the Holy Scriptures and, in a way, as substantiated by the    geological fossil evidence found in the “Book of Stone“.

The Author claims no scholarly-academic expertise or authority relating to Scriptural Creationism. He states: “Frankly speaking, what is required in expounding biblical truth revealed in the Scriptures is absolute guidance and discerning spiritual enlightenment from the Above more than any special scholastic or academic expertise. The material in the book is based upon Biblical-Revelation which is Authoritative in itself.

At the same time, Joaozinho Martins is quick to admit that human understanding and interpretation of the Holy Scriptures is bound to be biased if one is not on guard,   prayerfully;  as such, he says he is modestly open to “correction that is based upon unbiased, constructive, biblically-appropriate and reliable feedback.”  ================================================================




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